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All the Fee-mation you need to know


Buyers using Generations Realty Agents pay NO commissions and NO fees.  All commissions are paid for by the seller and we do NOT charge any additional brokerage fees like other companies.  Not only do we not charge any additional fees, but we actually make a donation from every transaction to a local charity. 


Sellers using Generations Realty Agents agree to a straight forward commission ONLY pricing which includes all of our services and only paid when we sell your home. Not only do we not charge any additional fees, but we actually make a donation from every transaction to a local charity.

Do other companies REALLY charge fees in addition to their commission?

YES!  In some scenarios buyers and sellers aren't even aware they are paying these fees.  The fees are just added to an already confusing closing statement.  

How much are these additional fees?

Additional brokerage fees vary from company to company but we have seen them as high as $395 PER TRANSACTION!  This means if you sold your home with an Additional Fee Agent (A.F.A.) then bought a new home with that same A.F.A. it could cost you an ADDITIONAL $790!!!!

How do I avoid working with an Additional Fee Agent (A.F.A.)

1) Call/text/email one of Generations Realty's trusted straightforward fee-free agents. List of Agents 

            -Click this link to have a Generations Realty agent call/text/email you to discuss buying and/or selling your next home.

2) When interviewing agents your first question should be, "Do you charge additional brokerage fees on top of your commission?"

             - If they say "yes" thank them for their time and click this link.

3) When searching for homes on sites like Zillow,, Trulia, etc. DO NOT use their links to schedule a showing or to be connected to an agent.  When you use these sites, they sell you as a paid lead to random agents.  Often times you will be connected with an A.F.A. Regardless of where you find the property, one of our agents can schedule a showing for you and guide you through the home buying process.  

When are these fees a MAJOR problem?

Anytime you pay an additional $395 for the same services our agents provide, IT'S A PROBLEM!  Imagine saving just enough money for a down payment and closing costs, getting your dream house in contract, and just days / hours before closing finding out you have to come up with an additional $395 to pay your agent (who is already making a commission)...MAJOR PROBLEM!  

How can I find out if I was charged an additional brokerage fee?

All fees will be listed on the final ALTA Settlement Statement that you signed at closing.  These additional fees are usually listed in one of two places: 1) It will either be under the "Commission" section generally located on page 1 or 2) It will be in the last section "Additional Settlement Charges".  If you still have question, please Contact Us.

Top 5 better ways to spend $395 when buying and selling a home

1) Literally ANYTHING

2) Hiring movers

3) New home updates and/or repairs

4) New furniture 

5) Eating out while your kitchen is in boxes

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